5 Reasons Women Suck at Investing

OK, now that I’ve got your attention and hopefully your back up…..


Welcome to my blog!


I know you wouldn’t have started reading if I began with “welcome to my blog.”


Why did I say women are unskilled at investing?  Because you don’t give yourself enough credit to start;

 Or you give up because the information you need is too convoluted or, in real terms, made up of too much gobbledygook.


What makes me think I can change that for you?

Because my reasons for being scared to start investing may sound a lot like yours:

I hated math so therefore I must not be good at anything that has to do with numbers.

Men talk about investing, women don’t. 

It must be really complicated if people in the market make SO much money. 

I wouldn’t have anyone to talk to, or bounce ideas around with, because my friends either don’t want to talk about it or let someone else take care of their money.


Sound like you?


Did you hear that last thing I just said?  Let someone else take care of their money?  Really?


I totally trust my husband, I trust my best friends and I trust some of the people I work with; but my greatest asset (my money) that will support me in retirement, don’t totally trust anyone except hubby.  And we often disagree on how to invest.  Let’s leave that subject for another post.


So why do so many women avoid investing? Because they’re sure it won’t end well?


1.     They don’t have the time.  Of course not. We’re so busy taking care of everyone’s needs and not trying to forget anything or anyone that there doesn’t seem to be any time left over.

2.     They think it’s boring.  If you think investing is looking only at numbers and trying to understand what all the terminology means, yes, it’s very boring!

3.     They think it’s complicated. That’s exactly what all the financial professionals want you to believe so you’ll pay them good money for their advice.

4.     They think it’s too risky.  Sure, if you buy a stock because someone gave you a tip which usually doesn’t work out….because…….it’s not their money!

5.     They think that’s the job of their financial adviser.

How many of these affect you? Let me know.

And in my next post I’ll DISPEL SOME OF THOSE MYTHS!

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